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Get in shape, build strength, and gain confidence in a private space, without the crowds of a commercial gym. At Next Level’s Strength Studio, you’ll join owner and personal trainer Aleana Myers in small, semi-private personal training sessions with no more than 4 attendees per class. 

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Get the coaching you need to succeed with small group classes and options for every fitness level


Next Level Physio


45 Minutes

No gym experience? No problem! These Physio-led sessions are a great place to start if you're feeling nervous and want more guidance in a safe environment. All members of Physio Fit start with a physiotherapy consultation to address any injuries, niggles, or movement deficits.

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45 Minutes

Want to get fitter, stronger and actually look like you lift?
Join Strong Squad, our signature semi-private PT class here at Next Level. In Strong Squad, we focus on building strong foundations with basic movement patterns such as: squat, hinge, push, pull and lunge. You will learn how to move well and get stronger so you can tackle anything life throws at you. Strong Squad is beginner-intermediate friendly and includes a warm-up, strength work, muscle building accessories, and a quick cardio finish. In and out in 45 minutes! Since each session is capped at 4 members, you will receive the quality coaching you need to succeed.

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Next Level Physio


45 Minutes

Want to level up your lifting? This class focuses on strength & technique using barbells and kettlebells. You will get stronger, gain muscle, and feel like an athletic badass! This group is for intermediate-advanced lifters (2+ years experience).

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What Our Clients Say

Fransceca White

#StrongSquad has given me the opportunity to have a detailed workout plan developed by a professional who provides continuous support at a price I can afford compared to one on one coaching. This program has allowed me to develop a great workout routine that I know I can stick with and track my progress to meet my goals. My day-to-day is healthier and happier because of it! Thanks, Aleana!

Kim Lam

Aleana has taught me skills for life! At first, I was skeptical about kettlebells, but Aleana proved to be an enthusiastic and encouraging trainer. More than just ‘learning the moves’, Aleana helped me to understand my body and how to work with kettlebells in a way that is safe and strong. I am very glad to have received her coaching, and I highly recommend Aleana to anyone serious about kettlebell technique (and more!)

Jason Fox

Aleana brings an inimitably warm and encouraging sensibility to her sessions, which juxtaposes superbly with her ability to ignite your inner fierceness!

Oyuka Byambasuren

The first time I tried Aleana’s coaching and exercise program, I had incredible results and achieved my fitness goals beyond my wildest imagination. Then life and the pandemic happened, and I found myself in a bad shape with multiple health problems. So when I saw she was running a new session, I signed up right away because I knew it worked. I regained a lot of my strength and got back into the swing of exercising after the first 3 months, and enrolled for another 3 months without hesitation. It’s great to feel stronger again and I’m looking forward to getting to where I want to be.

Kaylee Brooks

Under Aleana’s guidance, I learned how to properly use free weights in my own home and get stronger than I have ever felt before. Now I feel confident in what my body can do and proud of the strength I have built. Strong Squad held me accountable and encouraged me to be consistent in my workouts.

Nicole Meehan

I would highly recommend Next Level to everyone out there that wants to make positive changes in their life. Aleana is so supportive during this journey. She is so smart and really does care, also gave me some tough love when I needed it to help get me re-focused. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Kelly Henderson

I am so grateful for Aleana and Next Level! Over 12 weeks, I made major strides in taking control of my health and fitness. I feel more in command of my nutrition and the choices I make to fuel my body. I love the variety in the workouts and progression structure, I feel much more confident using any piece of equipment in the gym and love the rewarding feeling of getting stronger and seeing my progress in increasing weights and reps. Next Level has given me the motivation and structure to focus on shifting my lifestyle to support my goals.

Nadia Llyod

Aleana is an amazing and supportive coach. I've trained with her before pregnancy, whilst pregnant and postpartum. She was able to cater to my needs at every stage and help me achieve safe and sustainable fitness results. I am still training with her at present and love the fun and challenging workouts she puts together.

Christine Zelezny

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Aleana on injury prevention, specific goals, and her new #strongsquad group, all of which have made me become a more confident weight lifter and consistent in my training. Her approach is light and fun, but also dynamic and straightforward. You’re never left guessing how to do something. She’s detailed and professional, and always motivating you to work towards your goals! Her skills and experience are certainly reflected in her coaching and personalized approach, even within group settings. Thanks heaps for the awesome coaching and programming!

Jess Barclay

Aleana has been coaching me for the last two years - pre and post-baby! This is one trainer that KNOWS the female body and how to get the best from it, no matter what your starting abilities or in my case disabilities are. I now love going to the gym and she is one of those reasons!

Amanda McCollough

I can wholeheartedly recommend Aleana. We have been working together for 6 months. At the beginning of our time together, I was considering quitting running as I had knee pain. My core was struggling to switch on, and I didn’t feel confident in my strength. During that time, I have trained with Aleana once a week alongside my triathlon training. I’ve gone from considering quitting running to reaching my goal of completing all three triathlon elements (750m swim, 20km bike, 6km) in 2 hours non-stop. Thanks so much for all your support!

Larissa Michaelis

Aleana is a hard-working, dedicated individual that goes the extra mile to help you achieve success. She is filled with never-ending encouragement, knowledge, and motivation. "A ray of sunshine" she is in everyone's life that she touches. Her attention to detail is impeccable, which ensures each client with a greater safety net in prevention from injury.

Dineve Ramirez

Aleana is the whole package: She is a friend you can rely on, a gym buddy you can lift with, a library of information on health and nutrition, NOT just an AMAZING personal trainer. She is very passionate about what she does and inspires you to be the best you thought you never could be. I can go on and on, but there's no need because you have found your trainer. Thank YOU, Aleana!!

Megan Lacey

When I started training with Aleana, I could run 100 miles in a day but I couldn’t squat without tipping over. I had a strained hamstring. I couldn’t lift 20 pounds over my head, and I could barely stand on one leg. I hated weights and the gym. Now I’m a far more balanced runner: my posture has improved, my knees don’t knock, I’m more explosive up hills. I deteriorate less during long races and recover more quickly. On top of that, my reservations about strength training have disappeared. Now deadlifts and kettlebell swings aren’t part of my training just because I want to run forever; they’re there because I love them.

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