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You can think about it as personal training within a small group setting. The classes are capped at 4 members each so you will get comfortable training with the same people. These are NOT large circuit-style classes, instead, you will be given 1-on-1 coaching tailored to your ability level. When you join Semi-Private PT, you choose a time slot (Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thurs) and stay with your training pod.

All classes are 45 minutes, including a short warm-up, the main strength movements, muscle-building accessories, and a quick cardio finish. Please arrive 10 minutes early if you wish to do your own foam rolling, mobility, and/or any corrective exercises you need before class.

We have two different membership options: 2 sessions per week (Tue/Thurs), or 3 sessions per week (Mon/Wed/Fri). You also have access to our bonus session, Super Saturday. When you join one of our training sessions, you are committed to that time slot.

Getting fit is the point of joining! We know it’s scary to get started when you have a long way to go, so that’s why we’ve created 3 different class types to fit your fitness level.

  • Physio Fit: For those working around niggles and/or nervous newbies. This is a good place to start in a safe, friendly environment.
  • Strong Squad: Beginner-intermediate friendly, this class is recommended for the general population to build strong foundations. 
  • Levelled Up Lifters: Intermediate-advanced trainees, we encourage you to have previous lifting experience such as barbells & kettlebells.

Not at all! All of our classes are open to everyone.

There are no lock-in contracts or joining fees! We just ask that you stick with it for a minimum of 12 weeks to get the maximum benefit of our programs. We ask for a two-week written notice of cancellation when you have completed your 12-week agreement. Talk to us if you know you can’t commit to the initial 12 weeks and we will come up with a solution to suit you best!

It’s all good, we still expect you to live your life! If you have a known vacation or time that you need to take away, all that we ask is a written two weeks notice of any pauses or cancellations to your membership. We will do our best to work with you!

Since each semi-private PT session has a unique dynamic of members, we ask that you stick to your allotted time slot. This way we can better tailor our sessions to each group and we get comfortable training together. If you can’t make your session time, you can use the Super Saturday as a make-up session.

Unfortunately, you are unable to reschedule to a different time slot as we cap each session at 4 members. We find that having an allotted time slot to train each week helps keep our members accountable for showing up to their sessions and scheduling their week accordingly. This way it’s much like personal training in that you are held responsible for showing up to your appointment time. If you must miss a session, you can use the Super Saturday as a make-up session.

Absolutely! This class is led by our Physiotherapist, Dr. Cory Myers. He will be able to modify and address any potential issues that may affect your ability to exercise. If you are suffering from an acute injury, it’s best to schedule an initial consult before joining Physio Fit to assess your suitability for the class.

Yes! Let us know if you would like to claim your weekly membership through your health fund.

Super Saturday is a bonus add-on to your regular Semi-Private PT membership. This session is optional for all members, but highly encouraged! We hold Super Saturday at 8 am every week at the Varsity Lakes Central Park (walking distance from the studio). This is a bootcamp-style group workout that often involves partners and cardio.

It depends on which class you choose. Physio Fit may use some of the cardio equipment for low-impact cardio. Strong Squad features HIIT-style cardio finishers for each session. There is no cardio as part of Levelled Up Lifters, instead, we focus mainly on strength and muscle building! Super Saturdays are mostly cardio with bootcamp-style workouts.

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