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Lasting Results Over Quick Fixes

Using personalised, corrective exercise as our main form of treatment, we rehabilitate an injury, and improve flexibility, mobility, and strength so you can reach your full potential.

Our holistic approach aims to rid you of pain or injury that interrupts your fitness regime by treating the cause, not just the symptoms.

Cory Myers

Dr. Cory Myers

Physiotherapist & Owner

Well known as The Practical Physio, Dr. Cory Myers specialises in working with cross-fitters, powerlifters, and everyday athletes. He understands what it takes to get you back into high-impact training with a reduced chance of further injury.

Step 1: Assessment

Our first step in the physiotherapy process is figuring out what causes your pain or injury. By understanding the root cause, we can determine what needs to be done, so we can get you back to training hard, hiking, running, surfing or doing what it is you love to do to keep fit.

Step 2:
Rehab Plan

Now we know what’s causing your pain or injury, we can do something about it. Your rehab plan will include the necessary exercises to improve your strength and mobility while reducing your symptoms. Your rehab plan is tailored specifically to you, meaning you will feel better efficiently, and be back in the gym, in the ocean, roadside running, or climbing mountains.

Next Level

Step 3: Injury Management

Through the creation of an ongoing strength and conditioning program that addresses the issues that caused your injury, we ensure you don’t suffer from further injury. The program focuses on ensuring your body moves well, and stays that way, so you can remain active and healthy. This is when you can make the transition into 1:1 personal training in the strength studio, then progress into semi-private personalised training.

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